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            Thayer County online Discovery Tool results were announced at the ECAP (Entrepreneurial Communities Activation Process) meeting held at the Bruning Opera House.  The results of what friends and neighbors believe are categorized according to the eight Entrepreneurial Community Characteristics found to be necessary for communities to be innovative and supportive of entrepreneurs and small businesses.  The eight Characteristics are Community Vision; Sense of Place; Infrastructure; Digitally Connected; Education and Workforce IQ; Entrepreneurial Support Systems; Culture of Change and Leadership.
            When asked about the community strengths, "Sense of Community" is an over-arching phrase that can describe the themes identified by many.  People are assets of the county; there is community support/care; community pride; and strong work ethic/working together are themes that Thayer County residents expressed.
            84% of respondents believe that their county/community has a moderate to strong identify and 75% of residents believe the county has moderate to strong pride in where they live.  One comment stated that Thayer County has a lot of potential to grow, and is composed people that are assets to the community.
            Many of the respondents indicated that the county had only a little or did not have at all a shared vision (52%), or goals to accomplish a vision for the future (52%), or create opportunities for diverse involvement of visioning and planning for the future (65%).
            The first two ECAP meetings developed a strong foundation for working together and understanding of where we are now.   One survey comment, "Collaboration would be wonderful if we can get citizens to come together and share ideas and talents" is a great invitation for you to become engaged. On Wednesday, January 7, 2015 join the ECAP County Conversation to develop a plan of action for a stronger Thayer County.  Come to the Thayer County Fairgrounds Conference Room in Deshler at 7:00 p.m.

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